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Breivik,The Anti-Islamists and Terrorism.

Overall I think the Judge at Breivik’s first court appearance was right to adopt a closed door policy. I did however find myself strangely ambivalent about this issue. Knowing that the Norwegian courts usually avoid closed sessions, it felt a … Continue reading

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Is This the Most Important Photo of the Oslo Bombings?

Picture from: http://www.boingboing.net/2011/07/22/oslo-bombing-big-pho.html In my previous post I was speculating with everyone else that the Oslo Bomb might well have been planted by an Islamic Terrorist, and I gave reasons why If that were the case I believe organisations such as … Continue reading

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Oslo Bomb Blast: Why was Norway Targeted?

Just a note to acknowledge that to some extent this post is now partially redundant in this narrative. However it would seem duplicitous to remove it and I also think it has an important argument within it which remains relevant. It … Continue reading

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