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Scientology E-Mail reveals policy to exploit Riots.

political Scrapbook has uncoverd a Scientology e-mail which reveals that exploiting the riots, is a deliberate CO$ strategy. Scientology literature distibuted by CO$ canvasers is also aparently blaming the riots on Mental Health professionals, claiming that the overprescrioption of … Continue reading

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Church of Scientology using riot aftermath to recruit members.

Felt I needed to link this into my blog,  Church of Scientology using riot aftermath to recruit members | Political Scrapbook. The CO$ really do take the biscuit. They did the same thing in Hati, and Travolta even flew them … Continue reading

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The Anti-Islamists, Anders Behring Breivik, the Right and Damage Control.

In an item published in the Daily Mail, Melanie Philips continues the damage control over  the association between anti-Islamic ideas and the ideas of Breivik. Saying that, “the atrocity has produced a reaction among people on the political Left in Britain, Europe … Continue reading

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Another Fib by, Steven Lennon, AKA Tommy Robinson, AKA Paul Harris.

On Mondays edition of Newsnight, Stephen Yaxley-Lennon claimed not to know Daryl Hobson. Searchlight seems to think differently. I post their photo Of Lennon or whatever his name is today,  with Mr Hobson.

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Oslo Bomb Blast: Why was Norway Targeted?

Just a note to acknowledge that to some extent this post is now partially redundant in this narrative. However it would seem duplicitous to remove it and I also think it has an important argument within it which remains relevant. It … Continue reading

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