Transremaxculver is an entirely fictitious username I created for posting on ‘alt.religion.scientology’, a Usenet group critical of Scientology. Scientology is to all appearances a scam masquerading as a religion, and one of which I am highly critical.

For those of you who don’t know, the Church of Scientology have a habit of making life very uncomfortable for even the most legitimate of critics, through litigation intended to cost the critic money and hassle them. Even if there is no real case to answer, or any prospect of the Church of Scientology winning in the long term. Which is why this username is completely anonymous. Anyway I have become quite fond of this username, and although it has to some extent outgrown it’s original purpose, I think a blog is perhaps the right place for me/it to continue to grow and develop.

For Now I am adding here a minor revamp of my Google Profile, though no doubt as time goes on I will modify this. 

The straightforward thing to do here would to be to reveal who I am give my address ect, but since I post on alt.religion.scientology, and after watching the treatment dished out to opposition to the Church of Scientology on John Simpsons documentaries that would be foolish. I would not subject my partner and Three children to that.

Here are the clues for the Scientologists to ponder

I wanted to go to sea once upon a time but as I am colour blind, they wouldn’t let me.

I have no contacts in the US, though Some in Australia, and Africa

I Live in England but I’m Welsh, passionately supporting the Welsh Rugby Team in the Six Nations, and the Scarlet’s Regional Side in the Magners League, and Heineken Cup, Cymru am Byth. A’r y Gath wedi huno mewn hedd. To be honest my Welsh is not that good but not none existent

I have worked with Children most of my adult life, not going to tell you where though. As I result I have a clear understanding of Attachment Theory, psychodynamic thinking, Systems thinking, and a number of other academic fields.

I have had two main face to face encounters with Scientology, both attempts to convert me, neither successful. One at the World Science Fiction Convention in 1987 (Con-Spiracy {An unfortunate name given the IRA tried to blow up the hotel next door the previous Year.}{Bester didn’t turn up as he was ill} where I met Sir Terry Pratchett and Harry Harrison among many others (I have the Signed Hard Backed Program to prove it.)

I once lived in Boston (Lincolnshire, not the US) where the Church is called St Botolphs. It is the largest parish church in England and was built in the 1300s on top of wool sacks and goes up and down on the tide about an inch every day. I met Geoff Capes whilst living there, he has a fondness for budgies, and used to live in Spalding.

I am also six months older than Dr Who which means that I am either 900 + years old , or 48, even I am not sure which some times, children can be so exhausting.

My other Face to Face encounter with Scientology was outside University College London, about 20 years ago. I had just been for an interview for a Ba in Psychology course there ( I was offered a place there, but took a better offer somewhere else, not telling you where though, that would be dim) A young lady approached me and asked if I would like to take a personality questionnaire. I honestly at first thought she was doing some research. (I had just been interviewed for a psychology degree) So I said OK. She took me to a building which lo and behold had a Church of Scientology masthead, I nearly wandered off there and then, but thought to myself, what the hell I’ll see what they are on about then.

I duly did the test and then she wandered off, performed whatever mysterious calculations they perform on their shop window test. She came back after what seemed a long time and took me to a little booth, and outlined a series of ‘problems I apparently had based on the test. She then launched into an exposition about how Scientology could help me with all these ‘problems’. I suspect that throughout this I probably had a rather bemused expression on my face, which she either completely ignored or just didn’t notice. After she had finished I said that I didn’t see any of these ‘issues’ was a problem, and that I was quite happy with myself as I was. There was a long quiet moment, that might have been a second or a minute, then she asked rather curtly, “Why did you come in here then?” I told her that I had at first thought she was doing some research and that as I had just been interviewed for a psychology degree, I had just wanted to be helpful but that when I had realised she wasn’t, I had just been curious.

She was to say the least not happy, brusquely said goodbye and I left. I think I used up about 45 minutes of her time.



5 Responses to About

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  2. Rex says:

    Scientologists used to have a place top of Tottenham Court Road; I used up some of their time in a similar way (their fault!) … coming to similar conclusions … I will also miss my yearly fix of Sir Terry; and yours is the -first- blog I have ever bookmarked to read again

  3. Alain says:

    I concur with you Sir and with “Its my Thoughts” , I personally have no time, Period, for any religion, except maybe just one, tho I suppose its not really a religion, more a “Belief” and that is THE SUN !! , I see it every day as in its daylight so it must be there, I also feel its warmth, and I see and feel the results of its continual “influence” upon me, you, everyone, the planet, and without this “influence” we would not exist…end of…nada…

  4. hahaha you told her.. but how weird is that… to try and recruit people by telling them they have issues that only they can fix.
    we get Jehovah witnesses at our door all the time.. and i’ve noticed they send round sweet old ladies… ( coz no one would dare punch them! ) and they have a completely different style of recruitment.. (tho they deny this.. they claim they just want a nice friendly chat) My dinner is always burning a that time.. so I really do have to politely close the door. 😛

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