Boston Marathon Bombing

Sorrow, for those killed and injured and their families, is the most important thing to begin this post with.

For investigators, the first 24 to 48 hours after an event such as this, are the most important. For the media they are the most frustrating.

For investigators, keeping an open mind is important, it is all too easy to leave stones unturned if you have guessed a stone turned has uncovered what you seek. And when seeking someone so deluded that they think killing and maiming, children and parents watching a sporting event, could in any way serve any cause, it is of paramount importance to leave NO stone unturned.

For the media, this means they have only the first line, or at best the first paragraph of the story. They have a fine line to tread, between reporting the event, the trauma, fear, courage and tragedy: and slipping into a goulish voyeurism. They must find a balance between, not knowing who the perpetrators are and responding to the general publics own speculations.

And in the mix is always the murky world of politics.

Has some right-wing commentators already complaining of Liberal media bias.

Recently I saw or read dozens of US reports/blogs/opinion pieces, in which the British inclination to ridicule politicians even on the day they died was deplored, Bill O’Reilly springs to mind as an example.

Yet those same people are now happy to try to use the deaths, pain and anguish of people who did not choose the political limelight, to play political games: the phrase ‘double standard’ springs to mind.

From the reporting I have seen Bostonians seem determined not to let the bombs cowe them in any way, and to stand united.

Politicians could prehaps take note.



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