Libya: Division in the National Transition Council.

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I have been a bit busy today, running round after the kids, cooking tea and such,  and I haven’t had a proper chance to watch the news, just catching snippets in passing. I will probably have a sit down to watch after writing this, when the kids have finished their TV Progs. One snippet I just heard however seemed to me to exemplify a particularly irritating double standard. A commentator was decrying the divisions and disagreements between the Libyan ’Rebels’, and saying that they, ‘need to get their ideological house in order.’

This made me think that there are some people who have an odd idea about democracy. I suspect that these same people would be complaining bitterly if the Libyan ‘rebels’ were all of a single mind, unless of course they agreed completely with the commentators own particular political perspective.

The fact that they disagree, but have still managed to hold half of Libya together as a political unit in very difficult circumstances, suggests that there is good enough agreement where it matters for the time being.

A lot of commentators are putting a lot of emphasis on the death of General Younis, but apparently missing the idea that otherwise the ‘rebel’ held portion of Libya has run remarkable smoothly. And there is a question mark about how Younis’s, strategic and tactical planning seemed to be limiting the ‘Rebels’ progress, which improved remarkably after his death. And I suspect that the argument in the ‘rebel’ ranks that led to his death was related strongly to this.

It doesn’t excuse Murder of course, but then I wonder how many revolutions have lacked a few loose cannons.

Behind all this seems to be the spectre of supposed Islamic Fundamentalists, who are now going to rush in and take over and turn Libya into a second Iran. Except that despite attempts by the Gadaffi regime to imply the rebels are all ‘Al Qaida’ there has been remarkably little evidence to support this.

It does seem that the various nay sayers don’t understand what democracy is, and it does seem to be democracy that has bound the Libyan Rebels together. There will be a broad range of political opinions among them, the online provisional constitution, is not terrible, let them at least organise an election before we get too anxious about what the political framework is.


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