BBC News – Ken Livingstone ‘compares Boris Johnson to Hitler’

DAVOS/SWITZERLAND, 26JAN08 - Ken Livingstone, ...

Ken Impersonates Ghandi.

BBC News – Ken Livingstone ‘compares Boris Johnson to Hitler’.

Croydon Tory MP Gavin Barwell seems to be in the forefront of trying to make sure that the story is Ken Livingstone losing it, when from what I can tell the whole thing was Ken being Ken. (He’s not due to turn up on Have I got News For You, soon is he?)

Politicians seriously struggle to develop senses of humour, London seems to be unique in this regard, since its main candidates last time around and in all probability next are part time comedy show stars in their own right.

Seriously Would Boris Johnson have beat Ken to the Mayors Job without appearing on HIGNFY.

Which other Nations Capital can claim that the most important electoral broadcasts of the Mayoral campaign, will be the candidates appearances on a comedy show.


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3 Responses to BBC News – Ken Livingstone ‘compares Boris Johnson to Hitler’

  1. The most outrageous thing in all of this is the trivialization of Hitler and his crimes. Mr Livingstone is clearly unfit for office:

    • I disagree: to ridicule is not to trivialise, and I think evil people are worthy of ridicule. Neither do I think that by ridiculing an evil person that this in any way trivialises their crimes.

      I believe that by mantaining Hitler as a figure of ridicule, that the grotesque efforts of those such as David Irving to rehabilitate his image, are forever doomed to failure. I also think that those who would emulate Hitler, such as Nick Griffin, Steven Lennon, AKA Tommy Robinson, AKA Paul Harris and the rest, are also forever doomed to be seen as the clowns they are.

      Just imagine how incensed that jumped up omnipotent meglomanic austrian corporal nutcase would be about history remembering him as a clown. Chaplin Knew this, despite his later prevarication about the ‘Great Dictator’, his first instincts were right.

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