How Soon Before the Rats Leave the Sinking News Corporation Ship?

Blame: Who is responsible? Not me!

Who is responsible? Not me!

Murdoch and son are increasingly looking like a pair of liars. Lawyers indignant that they are being misrepresented, but unable to defend their practice by client lawyer confidentiality, but being lawyers finding a way to do so anyway. A Letter from a former News International employee detailing both endemic hacking at the news of the world, and what amounts to the payment of hush money.  With Coulson firmly in the frame, its highly likely that the Rupert and James will try to put the blame firmly on him.

It seems to me that there are now so many senior employees and ex employees individually in the firing line that there is a danger for the Murdoch’s that a critical mass is being reached. To tell the truth I am surprised that we have not yet reached the tipping point.

There must surely come a time in this where the lesser conspirators realise that if they hold out hoping that somehow the scandal will pass them by, that as each piece in the story emerges, that they will stand a far better prospect of taking minimal damage by fronting up with what really went on. Even with just what is in the public domain, it seems highly improbable that the hierarchy of News international and News Corporation were not at the very least complicit in the scandal.

It seems axiomatic that if they didn’t know, they were outrageously incompetent and complacent. If they did know then the questions arise: Did they simply turn a blind eye? Did they accept the suggestion of engaging with this kind of practice as a suggestion from the News of the World editorial staff? Or: Did they impose it on the Editorial group as a practice, against the better judgement of that group?

Not that any of this particularly absolves any of the individuals involved from blame, but it certainly puts the emphasis for that blame in different places.

If it was a practice imposed on the editorial staff at News International, which is the explanation I personally favour, it would be better for Coulson and others to come clean sooner rather than later.

If they do so they might well be able to generate a D list media career, based on contrition and building a new life, after the debacle is over. If not then they will be pilloried alongside Murdoch and son.

I confess I am also wondering if Murdoch and Son will ever set foot in the UK ever again. After their last appearance Rupert certainly seemed to leave in a hurry, I don’t know if James is currently in the UK. I do seriously wonder if they do face legal consequences that they both will inexplicably be in difficult to get at Jurisdictions for the remainder of their lives. And in Rupert’s case he might well develop Jackson/Mubaraks disease.


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