Can Americans Recognise Satire?

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After feeling quite the misery guts, over the weekend I perked up a bit after I noticed a ‘pingback’ on one of my posts. It wasn’t that I got a ‘pingback’ that perked me up it was the why? Which I discovered when I followed my curiosity to find out.

The post in question was:

And the ‘pingback’ went to:

Where there was a debate going on about the ‘Tea Party’ and the US presidential campaign.

The first thing that made me smile about this was that one poster ‘tsr’ had quoted the entire post, with the introductory tag: “Here is a direct quote from a reputable newspaper.”  and followed it with the tag, “BoltNut these are facts not opinions…..…“And a little wide mouthed smiley. Flattering but inaccurate. I confess I have since concluded that ‘tsr’ must have had her/his tongue in his cheek when they posted it.

What was even more amusing was the poster who ‘tsr’ was in debate with a certain ‘Boltnut’ who when given the link by ‘tsr’ commented that  “It’s a blog, not a newspaper. Opinion. This person may get published in newspapers, but it doesn’t change the fact that this is an opinion piece.”

Which frankly had me rolling on the floor laughing my little socks off.

I would have thought that the humour in the piece was self evident, and if not, then that I had posted it in Humour and My Humour might have been a giveaway. Prehaps I am just more atuned to satire as a fan of Private Eye and Spitting Image, which since the labour Party was so ineffectual at the time was essentially the official opposition in the UK whilst Thatcher was in power.

It has also made me wonder that: if US politics is so messed up, that it has become too difficult for some people to tell the difference between, satire and opinion, what hope is there that they can tell the difference between, truth and rhetoric.

Ah well, I still think Obama was right to go for being a good one term president, rather than a mediocre two term president.

He may well still get a second term any way, but I’d suspect it will be more by luck, than an informed judgement by the American people, if the above is anything to go by.


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