Anders Behring Breivik Back on Utoeya.

Police officer in Bærum, Norway.

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Anders Behring Breivik has been back on Utoeya for a police reconstruction of the massacre  there. Wearing a bulletproof vest and tethered to a rope, he was seen pointing in the directions he had fired .

Police later said he showed no remorse.

Norwegian prosecutor Paal-Fredrik Hjort Kraby said that Breivik described the killings in detail during his eight hours on the island with police. “Our assumptions that his presence at Utoeya would jog his memory was correct. Many new details emerged from his explanations”.

I don’t envy police this kind of task, and I presume that the team investigating Breivik are receiving appropriate support, in the same way that police officers in the UK receive support investigating the more distasteful nether regions of society.

I assume. They are receiving support, because working with Breivik would certainly ’do my head in’. Although ’calm and co-operative’ sounds like a helpful thing in print, given what he did if I was working with him it would irritate the hell out of me. I am sure as well that Breivik is being quite charming and engaging, and undoubtedly giving the impression of being quite smug. He probably thinks that the calm and patient attitude of the Police working on this case means they quite like him.

I guess most of us know or have worked with someone like that, someone we have to get on with on a day to day basis, who’s ideas we utterly despise, but who clearly thinks we like them because we are making the effort to have a calm and relaxed working environment. And our poor families have to take the brunt of the half hour rant about the ‘idiot’ when we get home.

Imagine how much worse it would be if you knew the ‘idiot’ was a murderer too. 

Given that someone involved in an investigation can’t talk to anyone outside it, I would pity the families of investigators if there were not serious support structures in place.  Having a moody irritated person stomping around the house who can’t tell you why they are moody and irritated is not conducive to a happy family life.

The investigators are certainly not the most significant victims of Breivik, and  I am certain they are strong disciplined people to do what they do, but I do hope they are getting appropriate support.


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