Nick Griffin Thinks the Rioters are all black.

A generalisation I think, but that is what he is good at.

If you recognise a face, let them know here.


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2 Responses to Nick Griffin Thinks the Rioters are all black.

  1. Lee says:

    Look at the photographs of the suspects on the Met. Police’s site – eighty percent of the rioters are indeed black.

    • In london my quick estimate puts the proportion as about 40% black 40% White and 20% Asian. Elsewhere in the country the proportion is closer to 80% white, certainly in Manchester, though prehaps a lilttle less than this prehaps70%, in Birmingham.

      Given that particularly in London there are areas where entire communites are almost completely dominated by a single ethnic group, it is hardly surprising that in some areas one ethnic group is more evident. Though given the footage shown on TV were there were various scenes shown where the rioters were almost exclusively white, I am a little concerned that Black youth may be being dispropotionately targeted. A further issue is that there is ample evidence that Black youth are more likely to live in disadvantaged areas and are more likely to experience alienation from mainstream society, for reasons of systemic racism in (sometimes called institutional racism), and the overt racism they encounter.

      Any which way Griffin’s comments are still plain silly, a transparent effort to make what is an issue about social control, gang culture and deindividuation of youth in Britain into a race issue, which it isn’t.

      Where the issue of race is raised by the riots it is concerned with issues that are already well known, such as educational engagement, achievement, and equality of opportunity.

      So your statement above basically reveals your own prejudices, you want the issue to be about race where it clearly isn’t.

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