Duggan did not fire on the Police.

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Link to BBC Reporting cited at the end of this piece. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-14449675 

Sunday 7-8-11, 7:35pm The Guardian’s crime correspondent, Sandra Laville, reports:

“The bullet which was found lodged in the radio of one of the officers at the scene is still undergoing forensic tests. But reliable sources have said the first ballistics examinations suggested it was a police issue bullet.

These are quite distinct as the Metropolitan Police uses dum dum type hollowed out bullets designed not to pass through an object.”

There appears to be a consensus that the firearm being carried in the minicab was a lethal weapon. A handgun which had at one time been a replica, a starting pistol or a collector’s weapon. But the firearm had been to fire live ammunition. Though reporting appears to concentrate on ‘ballistics experts’ who are not named, nor the authority of their claims supported by identified expertise.

One point of concern for me is that various reporting has indicated that Mark Duggan was in possession of the converted replica fire arm, yet none of the official reporting has, saying only that a firearm was recovered at the scene.

The IPCC hoped to have the results of more complete ballistics tests within 24 hours from the time of this report which was as indicated above about 7.30 pm Sunday evening. Establishing the trajectories of bullets and how many were fired.

According to Sky news the C019 firearms officer has said that he never claimed Duggan had shot at him but that he fired because he believed he was in danger from a lethal weapon. It is reported that two shots were fired, ; one hit Duggan and one missed, lodging in another officer’s radio.

This story was re-reported by Channel four news. Who subsequently on Monday 8-8-2011
reported that: A spokesperson for the IPCC had said that the ballistics report is expected within the next 24 hours. She would not divulge any of the findings of the initial ballistics tests. This deadline has also past without any information regarding the results of these tests.

The inquest into the death of Duggan opened Today and was almost immediately adjourned until 12-12-11 when a pre inquest hearing will be held, the only information that appears to have been confirmed at this short hearing was that Mr Duggan died of a single gunshot wound to the chest.

So now we are almost 48 hours from the time that the results of Forensic tests were expected to be known in 24 hours.

I really don’t have a particular agenda about this, so I genuinely do not have an opinion as to why this is, only a series of possible scenarios.

First: the reporting was a little too eager to establish a deadline.

Second: The Police offered a deadline they were unable to keep.

Third: the reporting indicated a deadline where none existed.

Fourth: The forensics results have not returned what the IPCC expected or hoped for.

Fifth: The results of the tests have been determined to be too inflammatory of a difficult situation to be published at this time. (Ie they show that both bullets were police issue.)

All in all it seems to me that a complex situation where truth is already somewhat muddied, is only getting muddier.

BBC reporting suggests the matter is now resolved.

The Independent Police Complaints commission says ballistic test results so far show no evidence that a handgun found at the scene of the fatal police shooting of Mark Duggan had been fired. It says the Forensic Science Service is carrying out further tests to confirm this.

The IPCC says the Forensic Science Service has also confirmed that the bullet lodged in a police radio was police issue and consistent with being fired from a police gun.

Duggan did not fire, so the question arises did he even have the gun in his possession?


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