Tea Party working for Chinese Communist interests.

History of China

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It suddenly came to me in the night, a realisation as to why the Tea Party was so eager to push things to the wire over the debt ceiling debate.

The Tea Party are working for communist China.

The Tea Party is partly funded by Rupert Murdoch, who’s wife is Wendi Deng, influential in the Chinese media market and according to some bloggers someone with high ranking connections in China.

Now it occurred to me who would benefit most from the US having to pay higher interest rates on it’s loans? Well the US’s creditors of course, and which nation is the US’s biggest creditor, China.

So all the pieces fit together, the Chinese encourage Deng to move to the west, marry an influential media mogul, who she encourages to support a right wing fringe movement which is then built up to create stale mate situations where the business of American government cannot proceed. A US default would have been ideal for their purposes, but the downgrading of the US credit rating is a good step in the right direction. The US has to pay higher interest rates, and the main beneficiary is China.

I was always somewhat bemused by the McCarthy witch hunts, since communist spies would most likely, not be walking round identifying themselves as communists. Where better for a communist spy to hide but in a radical right wing fringe group, no one would ever suspect.

The Chinese always were inscrutable, the gradual erosion of US power by exploiting the US’s biggest vulnerability, reactionary right wing nutters, would be right up their alley.


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