Items of Useless Information. No 5.

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“Aye therein lies the rub.”

Or rather it doesn’t.

‘Therein’ is an interesting word, since there are ten English words within it which can be identified without rearranging any of the letters, but rub isn’t one of them.

The,  there,  he,  in,  rein,  her,  here,  ere,  therein,  herein.

If you can spot more, give yourself a gold star and leave me a comment so I can update this post.

Now having posted this little phrase I reminded myself that whilst it is often quoted, as from one of the soliloquies from Shakespeare’s Hamlet, it isn’t. It actually doesn’t appear in any of Shakespeare’s plays, not once, anywhere, not no-how. Although Shakespeare does seem to use therein about once a play. Some haven’t any examples at all, but others have three or four occurrences.

So why do we all know ‘Aye therein lies the rub,‘ is a quote from Shakespeare.

Partly it is a misquote, here’s the actual line from Hamlet.

“To sleep, perchance to dream    ay, there’s the rub,      For in that sleep of death what dreams may come … Must give us pause.” Hamlet, 3:1

And partly it’s a misquote that’s been misquoted so many times that for the most part people have forgotten what the real line is. Apart from actors of course, well at least the Shakespearean Actors,





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