Pat Buchanan on Anders Breivik

Pat Buchanan

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Pat Buchanan Says Oslo Terrorist Breivik May Be Right:

Well there’s a surprise from the man who wrote the following.

“Mass immigration is swamping the GOP base. Tens of millions of immigrants who vote Democratic, once they are naturalized and registered, have come and are coming to America. History may yet record that the Immigration Act of 1965 act converted ‘The Emerging Republican Majority’ of Kevin Phillips‘ classic work into the Lost Colony of the 21st century.”

Pat Buchanan:  (2006) State of Emergency Thomas Dunne Books;

Also posted as a quote on his web site.

Sounds a lot like Breivik.

Prehaps America should expel all immigrant populations. Hmm I wonder do the Navaho and the Souix vote republican? Woops I just realised Buchanan wouldn’t be an American any more, he’d have to join Alex Salmond’s Scottish Nationalists with a surname like that. Perhaps he could be the new party leader, since we would have to be consistent, and Salmond is an Norman English Surname, meaning of course he would have to go and live in France. (The Normans were immigrants.) Woops just remembered that the Normans were actually descendents of Norse settlers in Northern France, so Alex would have to go and live in Norway.

Oooh, just had an idea: perhaps Alex Salmond could join the Norwegian Nationalists Party, get them a Majority in the Norwegian Parliament, get Breivik diagnosed with Cancer and send him of to Libya to meet Abdelbeset Ali Mohmed al Megrahi. I‘m Sure the Libians could find Breivik a nice uniform to wear, he‘d like that.

With a bit of luck Colonel Gadafi might blow them both up so that he can claim NATO can’t shoot straight again.

It would still leave Buchanan in Scotland though, but I suppose you can’t have everything.


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