Items of Useless Information. No 1.

An oblate spheroid

Image via Wikipedia

The Earth is not a sphere.

It is in truth an oblate ellipsoid/spheroid with a bulge at the equator and flattening at the North and South Poles, so that the equatorial Diameter is larger than the polar Diameter.

From Pole to pole the diameter of the Earth is 7,900 miles or 12,714 kilometres, across the equator, however, the diameter is 7,926 Miles or 12,756 kilometers.

The difference being 26 Miles or 42 Kilometers. Which interstingly is a marathon distance, so as far as a really fit man can run in a little over two hours.

Of course for all practical purposes this effects absolutely nothing, as far as I am aware not even NASA has to alter any calculations for launches, orbits or manoeuvres of spacecraft, or satellites. Though I guess it might influence precisely where Lagrange points fall, perhaps by as much as a millimeter.

So this is truly useless information


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