What has Geert Wilders, had to say about, Anders Behring Breivik Update.

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 Please see the link below for my most recent post on Wilders response to Breivik.

I have found a first reaction by Wilders here, though it seems to be someone reporting his words on his behalf:


This is what Geert Wilders says about Anders Behring Breivik — “I DESPISE EVERYTHING HE STANDS FOR AND EVERYTHING HE DID.”

It was posted a mere three hours ago. (Which would have been about 6.00pm GMT 24-7-11)

Which seems a little slow, but we might prehaps forgive him on the grounds of shock, and waiting to see if the reporting was just hot air, which it wasn’t.

I can’t help thinking that he might have posted something a little more substantial on his usual page, and with at least a direct acknowledgement about the loss of life and the grief experienced in Norway at present. Which might have been a better defence against association with Breivik, than the above comment posted second hand.

However at least it is better than the denial attempted by another well known anti-Islamist, Pamela Geller, who was earlier attempting to imply ‘right wing christian anti-islamist,’ was how the left wing were attempting to paint Breivik without any evidence, and by actually faking evidence, such as Breivik’s Facebook page which she believes was tampered with apparently. others appear to belive the whole page is a fake,


Even though the facebook page was posted 5 days before the attack, when Breivik was utterly unknown to the world. Clearly the anti-Islamists think soppy left wing conspirers have prescience of staggering proportions.



Has a post from 4.00pm Saturday 23rd, suggesting Anders Behring Breivik’s Link to Jihadwatch is a media creation, rather than something Breivik had said himself.

It seems already that the anti-Islamists are firmly taking the line that the argument they make that Islam is Evil, and all muslims are potential Terrorists, is not a logic that they are prepared to see applied to their own ideology.

It seems almost certain that Breivik sees himself as inspired by Robert Spencer among others, and using Spencer’s own logic as regards Islam, then his writing could easily be regarded as evil since it inspired an evil act. Just as he believes Islam to be evil because some have acted in evils ways claiming inspiration from Islams texts.

The anti-Islamists are caught in a dilemma, many of their own arguments fall on the logic they use to defend themselves from association with Breivik.


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