Anders Behring Breivik: Malignant Personality?


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I have spent the majority of the day close to tears, there is something about the death of youth that just fills me up with a despair I find hard to shake off.

It seems very clear that Anders Behring Breivik, probably suffers from a personality disorder of some sort, I would be inclined to think in terms of a malignant personality.

In my first post regarding him, I noted the double inclusion of Machiavelli‘s the Prince on his facebook page, and this led me to believe that he imagines himself to think in convoluted and devious ways.

The BBC today reported that his lawyer has said he will ‘explain himself’  on monday. 

This supports the supposition partly derived from his surrender to police, that he is in some senses quite narcissistic, and is looking forward to his ‘fame’.

If the Document attributed to him and posted under the name Andrew Berwick is indeed his work its sheer length betrays an egotism that is quite hard to fathom. That it seeks to trigger a ‘European Resistance movement’ only underlines his self aggrandisement. If this is linked to the ‘facebook page’ and the inclusion of Orwells 1984, it is not difficult to recognise that he identifies himself with the author of the political polemic within Orwell’s work ‘goldstein’ who is both demonised by ‘ingsoc’ but also outlines it’s political agenda.

Only a brief read of the first few pages of this suggests that this is how ‘Andrew Berwick’ thinks of himself. Though he seems to have forgotten that Goldstein was a plot device to explain how the world of IngSoc came about.

Linked with the Machiavellian elements this strongly suggests that Anders Behring Breivik, regards the Bombing of Oslo and the murder of 90+ young people as a glorified advertising campaign, for his book which he ‘devoted 9 years of his life to’ and about which he is so pleased he is patting himself on the back about it already.

I would strongly suspect that his argument ‘on Monday’ will be that Norway specifically, and Europe Generally needed a shock, and the removal of the next generation of ‘cultural marxists’ was a necessary evil in order to allow the emergence of radical right wing youth, who he no doubt sees as the ‘true hope for the future’. I suspect the ‘cultural Marxists‘ he believes he killed (Rather than the young people he actually killed) were to him a lost generation, who he has saved by delivering them into the hands of ‘the saviour’

I suspect that he is so detached from  reality that to him the people he shot do not truly represent people, rather that they were to him little more than avatars in a kind of ‘real life’ computer game.

The irony seems to be that from my current state of knowledge about him, with various if’s and but’s and maybe’s and other caveats, his ideas mirror closely those of the terrorists, who would have us believe they represent Islam. He thinks he represents the downtrodden Christian, and comes as a liberator to throw off the corruption of the innate ideals of the Christian European, by the ‘Cultural Marxists, in exactly the same way as the Terrorists who claim to represent Islam, wish to throw off the corruption of the ideals of Islam, by Cultural imperialists.

Neither of course are right, and neither represents anything but a tiny minority, in their respective communities.

Anders Behring Breivik seems to have attempted to orchestrate a campaign to promote an agenda. Believing the wisdom of his actions will be recognised as such, in time. Unfortunately his personality disorder means he has missed one vital detail, which doesn’t rate as consequential in his world view, but does for almost everyone else, and reveals that his pretence to Machiavellian thinking is just an affectation.

He killed people, and what he will gain in notoriety, will not save him, his agenda and convoluted thinking from the verdict of history, which already has him sitting alongside Charles Manson. As a Delusional nutcase, whose machinations are destined to be discussed alongside the identity of Jack the ripper, but not in serious political discourse. And of course he may well have done irepairable  damage to the anti-islamist agenda.

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