A Pratchett Quote, discussed.

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‘They think they want good government and justice for all, Vimes, yet what is it they really crave, deep in their hearts? Only that things go on as normal and tomorrow is pretty much like today.’

Lord Vetinari (Terry Pratchett, Feet of Clay)

I don’t normally comment on the quotes I post but on this occasion I felt that I should note that this is one of the truisms that Pratchett is so good at. Essentially I read this and think, Of course that’s right.

In some ways it is also how it should be, there is much to be said for a mundane life, and much to be said against living in ‘Interesting Times.’ However prehaps the important issue is that it prehaps shouldn’t be true. We should want to make things better, we should want to be involved in changing the world.

The events in Norway this week threaten to be another thing which pushes the famine in the horn of africa to the back burner. Yet for millions of people there they are engaged in a life and death struggle for themselves and their chidren. Terrorists, and authoritarians attempting to control rescources are persecuting millions of people, many if not most of them Muslims, in Somalia, and preventing aid from reaching them.

This is nothing to do with religion in any realistic sense, rather it is about Power Influence and Money.

I only home the UN is wiser than I, because I dispair of the problem, of how to tackle the famine, without engaging in a full blown war, to get the aid to those who need it, to those who desperately need Today to be better than Yesterday, and the hope that Tomorrow will be good enough.

So Lord Vetinary is right so long as one condition holds true: that things are good enough already. This is why Terrorists and Authoritarians cannot win, because only freedom is good enough, and once people have it they are reluctant to give it up, because they want to morrow to have the same freedoms as today.


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