Anders Behring Breivik, Update.

Breivik seems to have set up his own business, Breivik Geofarm, a month ago as an organic farm in eastern Norway, reportedly producing and storing fertilizers that he used to make explosives.

He was apparently known to be active on the internet, expressing extremist Islamophobic views on forums, criticizing immigration policies.

He recently claimed that politics today was not about socialism vs. capitalism but nationalism vs. internationalism. He argued on a Swedish news website that the media were not critical enough about Islam claiming that Geert WildersParty for Freedom in the Netherlands was the only “true” party of conservatives. Which lends the lie to Wilders claim not to engender hatred.

He claimed socialism broke down traditions, culture, national identity and other social structures making society weak and confused.

Reuters reporting now indicate 80 plus dead

That killer was caught alive implies sociopath as he wants his moment of fame.

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An entirely fictitious username I created for posting on 'alt.religion.scientology', Scientology is something of which I am highly critical. For those of you who don't know, the Church of Scientology have a habit of making life very uncomfortable for even the most legitimate of critics, which is why this username is completely anonymous. Anyway I have become quite fond of this username, and although it has to some extent outgrown it's original purpose, I think a blog is perhaps the right place for me/it to continue to grow and develop.
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