Anders Behring Breivik, emerging information.

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I just felt I wanted to be clear that this item was written early saturday morning, GMT 23-7-11, and that the posts above, consider the developing story in the light of developments.

Anders Behring Breivik (born 13 February 1979) is suspected of carrying out the Norway attacks. On 22 July 2011 in Oslo and at a youth camp, posing as a police officer, he is now in police custody.

Breivik is reported to have links to right-wing extremist and anti-immigrant organizations. (Reuters) – “The Norwegian man detained after twin attacks in Norway on Friday that killed at least 17 people has links to right-wing extremism, independent Norwegian television TV2 reported on Saturday, without disclosing its sources.”

Supposedly a one time Freemason. See ‘face book page’.

Verdens Gang (The way of the world) a Norwegian Newspaper has also  reported he has Nationalist sympathies. (Not specific as to if these can be shown to be extreme nationalist, though simply mentioning it implies this.)

Facebook and Twitter account were only recently set up, and on the same day. Implying pre-planning, and sending messages.

Facebook page set up on  17 July. Amongst the books on his face book page are two entries for The Prince  by Machiavelli, others have only one and include Plato the republic, Nineteen eighty Four George Orwell, and the Trial Kafka, and Locke’s Essay on Human Understanding

Reading his list I wonder if the Modus Operandi of the two pronged attack. was intended to mimic that of Al Qaeda, a la Machiavelli, whilst everyone was looking for Non-Westerners, he could masquerade as a policeman, and be unpursued. Assuming of course that Breivik is the perpetrator, though some of the evidence points strongly to a ‘plan’ consistent with him being the culprit.

The list reveals a tendency towards intellectualisation. and a detachment from reality. The inclusion in his list of the Trial, could be interpreted as an unconscious expression of his own confusion and sense of powerlessness in the face of what he perceives as runaway change in the society  he thinks he knows.

This looks more like a book list than anything else, I might even go as far as to say that the list of books he provides suggests an argument or defence for his actions, based on what he believes to be reason, in conflict with burgeoning totalitarianism. The impression given is of someone who knows he is intelligent, but isn’t as smart as he would like to think he is.

He offers various tracks from the game ‘Age of Conan’ . He also provides other music which we might interpret as a soundtrack to his ‘event’, However there are hints at a ‘titles’ message. His sequence is:

Holding onto nothing
Hold on to me   
The Dreaming – Ere the world Crumbles 1
The Dreaming Anew – Memories of Cimmeria 25
Track 6:       Offers the listener tracks   1, 25, 6, 1, but no title for 6. Which is titled: Night-time journey Through the Eiglophian Mountains.
The Dreaming – Ere the world Crumbles 1
The sound of Goodbye
Big Sky
After all
Let it all out
Out of the Sky

As with the inclusion of ‘the prince’ there is some repetition.

He also Lists ‘300’ as a favoured film alongside Gladiator and Dogville. Gladiator might be the most significant, since there seems to be a possible intent to harm the Norwegian Prime Minister.

All in all the page reads like a message, though what the message is, will  be constructed on distorted logic, and deliberately confused as well.

Also on 17 July, four days before the attack, he made the only post on his Twitter page: “One person with a belief is equal to the force of 100 000 who have only interests.”

Seems to claim to be a fan of Max Manus (Maximo Guillermo Manus) DSO, MC & Bar  a Norwegian resistance fighter during World War II. And of Churchill, though I doubt either would recognise his way of thinking.

All in all at this stage the inormation brings to mind, a lone sociopath

There is a Wikipedia page evolving around what is possibly a malignant personality.

Wikipedia Page

And of course others are blogging about him.

A Business page associated with Anders Behring Breivik exists, He ran the firm Breivik Geofarm listed on the page linked below.


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