The Phantom Pie Flinger of Westminster..

Is this really the best shot there is of this moment.

There is one thing I want to know about the Phantom Pie Flinger of Westminster . How is it that with all those cameras trained on every twitch of an eyebrow, every nuance of gesticulation, and each hand drifting suspiciously in front of a mouth, there is not one image that I can find showing the key moment of impact.

All the images are from the back showing the approach of said pie, and withdrawal, and the spring loaded response of Mrs Murdoch (Wendi Deng) not one shot from the front.  How can this be I ask myself?

If I was of a suspicious bent I might wonder if there was a conspiracy to ensure that the most ridiculous image possible of Murdoch was not going to make it into the popular consciousness.

I would be tempted to recriminate the Phantom Pie Flinger of Westminster, for incompetence, except of course this was in Westminster, so the incompetence of MP’s in making acceptable expenses claims comes into play, and that’s even before we get into wondering about the incompetence of Murdoch and Son, and Ms Brooks as regards knowing what was going on in their organisation. Either they chose very bad people to trust, which implies they are very poor judges of character, or they chose not to know. Either way one wonders if they are fit people to be running such an influential organisation.

The most embarrassed people in the affair will most likely be the security in Westminster, and leading up to David Cameron’s speech today the Speaker of the house announced an inquiry. How reassuring, no doubt it will find that there was a momentary lapse by one individual, and was nothing to do with anyone else. Though of course in five years time we will probably discover that a senior officer told the junior ranks not to be too vigorous in searching those attending because they did not want to inconvenience Mr Murdoch, by keeping him waiting any longer than necessary. These are important people after all.

The people who should be most embarrassed, but probably won’t be, are the cameramen in the room, how on earth did you miss that, right in front of you, did not one of you think, ‘hmm why has he stood up? Why is he moving towards Mr Murdoch? What is that round object in his hand?

I don’t know, this is not what I pay my licence fee for. I can only hope that there is some soul searching at the media organisations responsible. If the cameraman behind hadn’t been on the ball we would have missed it entirely.

Now where’s that number for OfCom.


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2 Responses to The Phantom Pie Flinger of Westminster..

  1. It is very easy to be extremely cynical about this. Though to find out I guess watching the phantom flingers bank account would be the only way to be sure.

    Not that the Murdoch’s don’t have form, oh sorry I forgot, James wasn’t told, and didn’t know anything about it, he wan’t there, he didn’t do it, nobody saw him do it, and no one can prove anything.

  2. Rex says:

    Anyone else think the sound-bite, apology of the inquisitor, the thing -sought after- here?
    Select Committee apologises -to Murdoch snr- … what a beauty that is.

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