Rebekah Brooks religion again.

Rebekah Brooks Arrested

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On Sunday evening (17-7-11) I came home from work thinking I would write a short piece for this blog and go to bed. When I switched my computer on and linked to my home page I noticed that a lot of the search terms leading people to my page were again concerned with Ms Rebekah Brooks’ religion.

Two things about this continue to fascinate me, firstly why are people interested in this? Secondly how difficult it is to find anything substantial out about Ms Brooks’.

So I thought I would have a short look myself and see what I could find out, immediately discovering that not only had she, been arrested yesterday, (Not for the first time) but that the current commissioner of the Metropolitan Police had resigned. (How many is that in a row now, only two you say, it seems like more.)

Anyhow I followed my nose regarding Ms Brooks religion and a bit more searching led me to consider the ‘religious context’ of the parts of Ms Brooks life we know about. Her ‘grammar school’ in Warrington was Appleton Hall County Grammar School, which has a history going back  to 1526, which suggests that there would also be a strong religious tradition in the school since historically schools were often ‘endowed’ or in some way backed by the church, (In this case the catholic church in the reign of Henry VIII 8 years before he broke with Rome. And presumably the Curch of England thereafter.)

Ms Brooks marriage to Ross Kemp was in Las Vegas, which doesn’t strike me as a religious setting, but no doubt someone who knows more could enlighten me, Mr Kemp’s (Who’s split lip was the reason for Ms Brooks first arrest) religion seems equally obscure, though he was for a time the ‘rector’ of Glasgow University, before the student body asked him to resign, though since he was replaced by another actor, I don’t think I can read much religious significance into it.

Her marriage to Charlie Brooks was a little more religious than the one to Mr Kemp, taking place in St Bride’s Fleet Street, one of the Wren Churches and as such the best part of 500 years old, decidedly Church of England, so perhaps we might Imagine that Ms Brooks is becoming more religious as she ages, which is often the case with many people, at least anecdotally. This also supports my guess from an earlier article that she is ‘lapsed Church of England.’

However the most telling piece of information I think I have found concerns Ms Brooks one time employer, Mr Rupert Murdock. Given the closeness of their relationship, we might conclude that she might well have been inspired by him in terms of her religious belief. A ‘Guru’ prehaps.

Mr Murdock’s religious persuasion is in some ways just as obscure, though he donated $10 million to the cathedral of our lady of the angels in Los Angeles in 1999, so some people have assumed he is Catholic, though others have pointed out that it’s hard to get a papal knighthood without doing something which benefits the Catholic Church, though the order of events looks a bit more like a commercial transaction, Papal Knighthood 1998, donation of $10 million, 1999. But we wouldn’t think there was anything corrupt going on in the Catholic Church now would we.

It is worth pointing out that Rupert Murdock has been cited in various places as the worlds biggest publisher of religious books, which seems somewhat incongruous in the context of page three of the Sun newspaper. Though the religious, ‘tone’ of his papers and TV stations in the US, have been credited with lending authority to reactionary elements in American Politics. And Murdock has even been creditied with indirectly creating the Tea Party movement.

Yet when asked about his religion in the British Journalism Review in 1999: Murdock said that he believed in god, but that he wasn’t highly religious, though he noted a Calvinistic background. Well with a surname like Murdock Calvinism would be a reasonable guess. However we might expect some eastern philosophy to have crept into his ideas since his marriage to Wendi Deng, (now 43) in 1999. On the subject of human rights in china at the time, Murdock seemed remarkably in line with Chinese Government policy. 1999 does seem to have been a busy year for Murdock.

As regards Ms Brooks’ religion, this leaves me thinking that her religion might well similar to Murdock’s, somehow vaguely Christian background, but mainly governed by a quick check on which way the wind might be blowing at any given moment, and or what advantages might be gained.

As to why so many people seem to be interested in what Ms Brooks religion is? I wonder if it is some home among the searchers that she might feel a little guilty about her oversight of the Hacking Scandal. Though I have also found myself considering if, those searching were wondering if she might try the ‘redemption in Jesus’ pathway to escape the consequences, or perhaps to rehabilitate herself in the eyes of the public after such consequences as fall on her shoulders play their course.

I must admit I would be fascinated to hear readers reasons for searching on this subject, particularly from thouse who appear to be interested in a possible connection with Scientology.

Please leave a comment and let me know.


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