A Weekend Workers Rant.

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I want to write something, I want to write something interesting, something relevant, something with a bit of humour in it. But my brain won’t work, or at least not on those things. Mostly I am thinking, really and truly I would rather not get up for work in the morning. I don’t, on the whole, mind working weekends once in a while too much, so long as there is time off in the week. But this is my second weekend in a row and what with using public transport to get to work it can be a bit of a hassle.

Now I use public transport by choice so I suppose I shouldn’t grumble about it too much. I chose a few years ago to be as green as I could be, and not run a car, only hiring one when it seemed like that would be most sensible. There have however been times when I have thought about reconsidering, most frequently when I have worked a lot of weekends.

So having written this I now know where I am going. Asking some questions about how or why and probably both, British public transport works the way it does.

First: Why do trains not run early in the morning on Sundays? They might do in cities, but not where I live.

Second: Why do Saturday and Sunday trains have fewer coaches than weekday trains but are always twice as crowded?

Third, Why when I am working a night shift can I get an overnight return to the city nearest to me, but not an overnight return to the next further stop on the line?

Fourth: Why when a train service is always quiet do train companies insist on running a three coach service when one coach could seat all the passengers on it three times over?

Fifth: Why do no buses whatsoever run on Sundays in rural areas?

Sixth: Why do bus companies run a enormous 70 seat bus on some services, when there are only ever five people on it.

Seventh: Why is the difference in price between a single and a return 10 pence on a train, and why are a single and return on some buses exactly the same.?

Eighth: Why do automated ticket machines never have any change on a Sunday morning, the one day of the week when there is guaranteed not to be any other way of buying a ticket?

Ninth: why have 50% of bus drivers had a personality bypass?

Tenth: Why have 20% of bus drivers got such anger management issues?

Eleventh:  Why do 20% of bus drivers mange to be cheerful in such an annoying way?

Twelfth: How do the remaining 10% of bus drivers who appear to be normal manage to achieve that particular miracle?

Thirteenth: Why when a train is cancelled on a weekend, do rail staff act as if I’m over reacting because I have to get to work, when in the week they go through hell and high water to help their customers get to work on time?

Fourteenth: Why does the nutter/drunk always sit next to me?

And don’t get me started on smoking bans.

How the hell do these companies make a profit, and when is local and national government going to get serious about creating a public transport system that will genuinely help us all be green?

Rant over



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An entirely fictitious username I created for posting on 'alt.religion.scientology', Scientology is something of which I am highly critical. For those of you who don't know, the Church of Scientology have a habit of making life very uncomfortable for even the most legitimate of critics, which is why this username is completely anonymous. Anyway I have become quite fond of this username, and although it has to some extent outgrown it's original purpose, I think a blog is perhaps the right place for me/it to continue to grow and develop.
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