Poking Murdock With a Big Stick, I Can’t Resist.

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I was going to leave the News Corporation Scandal alone, feeling like I had perhaps said enough on the subject, but it has proven too hard to resist.

The story just keeps getting better.

FBI to investigate News Corporation Companies, to discover if the phones of victims, and of families of victims, were hacked by minions of Murdock. (Ooh alliteration I like that.)

Murdock and  Son, formerly summoned by the select committee to appear before them next Tuesday, (After they apparently said they were unable to attend but offered to appear in august ) ITN reported this evening that the house of commons sent officers including the Deputy Sergeant at arms of the house of commons, to formally summon the pair to appear. The chair of the committee John Whittingdale had said that if the summons was not answered  that the matter would be  passed to the House of Commons, which does have the power to order them to  attend. “If that is not obeyed then it becomes a matter of contempt of parliament and there are penalties, –  –  – I understand that it can include imprisonment.”

Which is a relief, when it was first suggested a few days ago the reporting seemed to suggest that because he is not a UK citizen Murdock would be able to refuse, apparently this only refers to the power of the committee. I should have realised that the parliament that once governed the largest empire the world has ever seen, would have a few draconian powers up it’s sleeve.

Bumbling Boris (London Mayor, [and looking positively warm and cuddly in comparison to everyone else involved at the moment]) is to meet current  Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police , Sir Paul Stephenson, to discuss the hiring of former News of the World journalist Neil Wallis as a consultant for the force, for which the journalist was paid £24,000. Home Secretary Theresa May wants the whole picture from Sir Paul. And the Home Affairs Select Committee wants another word too.

The family of Jean Charles de Menezes, shot dead by police in July 2005, says the details of the mobile phone of his cousin were found in documents seized by police.

Meanwhile the Liberal Democrat business secretary Vince Cable is crowing, since his influence over the media was stripped from him when he expressed concern about the influence of the Murdock’s, and News Corporation. Which looks like a rather good position to have taken politically, and makes his judgement look rather good, no doubt he will trip over his own feet at some point though.

Murdock’s comment to the Wall street Journal, that ‘Its not that important,’ and that ‘he’ll get over it.’ sound a little hollow to me. Who owns the Wall street Journal, News Corporation, well I never.

Though I am wondering how much of his estimated 7 billion fortune is actively tied up in News corporation and it’s subsidiaries.  I do hope it’s lots:  Lots and Lots, all of it, and some outstanding loans.



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