Ten Downing Street Missing: further developments.


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We take you again to our political correspondent in Downing Street.

Mick (The Mole) Robertson.:
Good evening, regrettably I have to report that Ten Downing Street is still missing, whereabouts unknown. Earlier today however, it was revealed that reports that Ten Downing Street  had been kidnapped by Hubert Burdock, and was being held, until the reputation of Chews Corporation was returned, were in fact wrong.

It turns out when Sky News reported this information, they were actually looking at the clues for the cryptic crossword, for Sundays’ last ever  edition of the Chews of the World, 3 across,  ‘Well known thief: Dandelion and . . . .. ‘, Which interestingly intersected with 4 down, ‘female canine,’ to which the answer was apparently Rebecca Hooks, current head of Chews international.

This aside, sources close to the government, (not the ministerial protection officers {Honest}) claimed this afternoon that the missing Ten downing Street had been seen in the back pocket of Hubert Burdock when he left Downing Street, following a meeting with the Downing Street Press Officer earlier in the week.

I put this to the Thimes Journalist Dandy Strawman, former police officer and one time leader of the investigation into phone hacking at the Chews of the World. Who assured me that he knew Number Ten had not been in Hubert Burdocks back pocket, at the time in question, since he had been there at the time.

I took the opportunity to ask Mr Strawman, if his current employer had ever offered him payments whilst he was leading the inquiry into phone hacking at the Chews of the World some years ago. This question appeared to upset Mr. Strawman, who threw all the toys out of his pram, stomped up and down and cried for at least five minutes, complaining about how unfair the question was.

That is all the developments we have for now. This story is however ongoing and we will bring you new developments as we hear of them, which of course means this statement and the preceding statement will be broadcast about every 5 minutes, either in full, or shortened, to accomodate the headline announcements at the top of the hour.

And the story continues on the link below.


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