Bridget Riley

Movement in Squares, by Bridget Riley 1961.

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I have always liked Bridget Riley’s work, though I confess that I would be careful in a choice of which to have on my walls.

For the uninitiated, Bridget Riley’s work has predominantly concentrated on optical illusions. As I recall, one of the commonest criticisms of her work is that it is ‘gimmicky’. Personally I think this is unfair, since she has explored the area of optical illusion probably more thoroughly than any other living person, artist psychologist or medical practitioner.

Although at first it was the striking images such as the ones I head this post with, that caught my eye, over the years it has been her preparedness to explore not just the striking, but also the subtle, experimenting with effects created by blocks of plain colour, and gradations of colour creating unique images with odd indefinable emotional qualities.

I am not certain whether it is fair to describe her as an abstract artist or not, certainly representation does not play a major role in her work, but the precision and clarity of her agenda, seem to me to set her aside from artists such as Jackson Pollak, who in comparison seem somehow random.

Anyhow, as with all visual artists, too much discussion of the work draws away from what is really important which is what they have produced, which she describes as op-art.

If you had already heard of her prior to reading this, but didn’t rate her, give her another look, I think her work grows on people.

If you had not heard of her, give her a look you probably have seen prints or images somewhere, and not known who produced them.

If you had heard of her and like her and followed a link to this to find out more, sorry I have not added to your knowledge.

Except that of course now you know I share your interest.

See more of her work below.


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