A Forgiving Religion.

English Defence League march in Newcastle

an EDL member looking a little Klannish.

Whilst the News International Scandal rages in the British Press, the English Defence League, (EDL) is planning to march in three British towns over the weekend. It was to be four, but for some reason Derby was cancelled. Of course the anti-fascists are also out and in Derby plan to continue their ‘Love Music, Hate Racism, Festival’. The EDL march in Cambridge seeks to oppose the construction of a Mosque, as does the march in Middlesborough. In Plymouth they intend to march as well and hand out ‘Defend our Culture’ leaflets.

Meanwhile in Egypt, relatively unnoticed by the British media, hundreds of thousands have marched, impatient with the slow pace of progress towards democracy. This has not been the only agenda of the marchers, there have been calls both for legislation to create civil marriage, not governed by religious law. The British media has noticed the cries for democracy, however some seem more concerned with scepticism concerning the Muslim Brotherhood‘s involvement. It is as if the Muslim bBrotherhood’s committment to pursuing an admittedly Islamic agenda through the democratic process was a great danger.

Behind this the Independant today carried a fascinating article concerning a certain Rais Bhuiyan, in the UK to meet with lawyers of the British-American anti-death penalty society. Seeking to overturn the death penalty imposed on Mark Stroman, interesting you might think, but fascinating when you realise that following the events of 9/11 Mark Stroman, a Texan White Supremacist, went on a killing spree targeting Asians. Even more remarkable, Rais Bhuiyan was one of the people Stroman shot, and Mr Bhuiyan was frankly lucky to survive.

Rais Bhuiyan told the Independant, ‘I never hated Mark. My religion teaches forgiveness is always better than vengance.’

And Mr Rais Bhuiyan isn’t an Asian Christian, or a Hindu caught in the cross fire, he is a Muslim, not quite the rabid vengeful killer that the anti-Islamists would have us believe Islam turns Muslims into.


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