The End of the World (News of)


Rupert Murdock at web2conference

I have to say I for one am not sad to see the end of the news of world. For me it has always represented the worst of Britain. A thoughtless attitude and a odd kind of nostalgic throwback to working class attitudes about Britain that probably never really existed and In the News of the world would have seemed at least a hundred years out of date, if it had not been for the borderline pornography dispersed within its pages.

The paper was aggressively marketed and always priced to undercut it’s rivals, and seemed to me to promote values which reflected it’s owners agenda rather than any kind of true Journalism, and seemed to me to rely on it’s readership to go along with the attitudes of the cheapest paper on the news stand, which too often seemed to represent the lowest common denominator.

It is an irritation that it’s daily sister paper The Sun will continue, with the same lightly disguised misogynistic, xenophobic attitudes. And I would not be surprised to discover that the Sun had its own skeletons hidden in closets to trip it up in the future. Although that might be wishfull thinking on my part.

Of course this isn’t really the end of the news of the world, it is really just a radical rebranding of the damaged masthead, with the added advantage of separating off possible liability for damages and compensation in  court, with the hope that the BSkyB deal will get through despite the embarrassment of the Hacking scandal.

The current front runner for the name of it’s replacement, is the Sunday Sun, which will of course be a completely different paper: despite being run by mostly the same people, probably from the same offices and likely using the same printing presses, though for the first six months it will probably be cheaper, just to make sure the readership gets into the habit of buying it.

Or perhaps I am just getting old and cynical.

Anyhow good riddance to the name at least.


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