Was Strauss-Kahn, Set up?

I have to say that I am not particularly one for conspiracy theories, for one thing they are next to impossible to prove. For example most historians are happy to accept that there probably was a conspiracy involving Kaiser Wilhelm II to start WW I, but there isn’t anything that would constitute proof. Similarly with the assassination of J.F. Kennedy, the magic bullet is certainly suspicious, as is the photo of Oswald holding the Rifle, Ruby’s killing of Oswald, and the collection of dignitaries at Kennedy’s bedside, most people believe something unexplained went on, but there isn’t anything that would constitute proof.

If the reporting is correct it, seems that the charges against former International Monetary Fund chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn are likely to be dropped. Strauss-Kahn was released from house arrest last Friday, after prosecutors claimed the maid lied to a grand jury, raising the possibility that the case could be thrown out because the key witness lacks credibility. It may be that the various newspapers which are reporting the story are jumping the gun, but there is a consensus among them that the case will be dropped.

All fine and dandy we might imagine, except that as far as Strauss-Kahn, and his future career is concerned the damage has already been done. His ambitions for the French Presidency might just conceivable be resurrected, but unlikely. Christine Lagarde has replaced him as head of the IMF a little earlier than planned, (OK I know they had an election of sorts but it did seem like a forgone conclusion) so he is now unemployed, all in all, it might be argued he’s been punished already for a ‘crime’ he is now likely not to be prosecuted for.

I can’t explain why, and I know it is all very well to say things such as this after the fact, but when he was arrested I though to myself, ‘I wonder what he has done to upset the US Government.’

Russian President Putin had his own ideas about this. 



Frankly this seems a little outlandish, and reminds me of the plot of Sir Terry Pratchett’s book ‘Making Money’, which doesn’t necessarily mean it isn’t true of course. However if this represents a planned discrediting of Strauss-Kahn a more likely explanation would be that his policy concerning Greece, was seen somehow as threatening US economic policy.


Now the really problematic thing of course is that Mr Strauss-Kahn, has done himself no favours, his arrest brought out plenty of accusations of sexual misconduct, off the back burner and into the furnace of the media limelight, ranging from using his position to get a lover a job, to other accusations similar to the current charge. From a slightly cynical point of view he has made himself vulnerable.

The French of course are somewhat forgiving in these matters, but the key word in the title of the organisation he was until recently the head of is ‘International,’ and it is internationally that his future has been most damaged.

Another prominent figure who did himself no favours in this regard was Julian Assange, and interestingly the US Government appeared to use accusations against him in a similar way, partly as a tool to discredit him, and partly as an attempt to put him in their jurisdiction. In the first instance it appeared to fail spectacularly, probably because it simply made Assange look like a virile young man, acting a little naively. (Not that I necessarily think this is true) whereas Strauss-Kahn, seems to have appeared more as a ’dirty old man’. Whether Assange will be successfully extradited to Sweden, and from there to the US, remains to be seen.

All in all, I have to say that all this does seem to me a bit suspicious, nothing to prove anything of course, but very odd. Prehaps the US has adopted the smear campaign by unsupported accusation, arrest and aquittal as a instrument of foreign policy.

But then of course none of it would have happened at all if he had kept his trousers on.


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