Scientology: What is it? Part 3.

Is Scientology a branch of the  IRS?

There are those who regard themselves as scientologists, who are fundamentally at loggerheads with the church of scientology, having left or been ejected from the cult for various reasons.  Some of these have realised that scientology was a bad choice and have moved on. Others have invested too strongly in the cult to do this and cling to the ideas. Some find solace of a kind, in the sources of the ideas from which the Hubbard drew his or her ideology. Many however find various ways to absolve Hubbard from the excesses of the church. For some this has taken the form, of imagining an internal takeover of scientology, for ease of reference I think I will call this the ‘Miscavige Coup Hypothesis.’

For others, things become even more creative. Let’s call this the ‘Black opps hypotheses.  I know a lot of this is familiar to posters on ARS, but bare with me.

Ok time to take the blue pill.

Some of the Scientologists outside the Church of Scientology, believe Hubbard was kidnapped from his ship the Apollo, by a CIA agent in 1972 and either a) brainwashed, or b) replaced with a doppelganger. The reason for this kidnap was in the minds of these people, the immensely valuable nature of the technology Hubbard had developed. The conspiracy theorists claim that CIA funded research involving Harold Puthoff and others at Stanford University, demonstrates that the US government know how valuable Hubbards ‘tech’ was. Of course the report on the research as unproductive, is dismissed under the catch all banner of ‘of course they would wouldn’t they.’

 Gives more information.

OT super powers offered the US government potent tools in their mission to take over the world, and take their rightful place as the only truly successful bond villain ever. (James must have been busy figuring out why Casino Royale was so good and Quantum of Solace was so naff.)

Once converted into a loyal servant of the covert political wing of the United States government ‘a Hubbard’ was returned to the Apollo. Once back aboard the ship this ’fake’ or ’reprogrammed’ Hubbard set about destroying the framework of scientology created by the ‘original’ Hubbard, and never again speaking in Public. (This is apparently important as it shows a major personality change)

Once this fraudulent Hubbard returned to the United States he set about creating the conditions necessary for the US government to take over Scientology. He set up operation Snow White and over the next few years arranged for prominent senior members of the Church of Scientology to steal government documents from the IRS. This was done to provide the US Government with the ideal opportunity to use the IRS to take over Scientology, removing the higher echelons of the COS and installing IRS lackeys to run the church for the benefit of the US government, who now had total control of the super power technology. (Presumably they were unfazed by the OT III, Xenu nuked aliens tied to Volcano’s, materials when they encountered them.)

The fraudulent Hubbard was then surplus to requirements and was retired to a hideaway. When he died there was of course the need to avoid any anomalies turning up in an autopsy, you know the kind of thing: The wrong knee broken in childhood, wisdom teeth that had once been removed miraculously reappearing in his mouth.  Miscavige
dutifully complied with the orders, there was no autopsy and the body was cremated.
With the removal of the incriminating evidence, the IRS now had complete control over Scientology, access to OT super power technology and the opportunity to achieve total world domination. Mu ha ha ha . . .  herh humph.

However if we take the red pill, the reality turns out to be more believable, but somewhat more complex.

The real world is not made up of grand conspiracies at every turn, and if there are grand conspiracies they are next to impossible to prove. In some ways this simple truth exposes the Snow White Conspiracy for how inept it really was. For example there is a conspiracy theory concerning WW I, that the Kaiser, conspired with others to provoke a European War, despite heaps of documentary evidence it is still impossible to prove this beyond a reasonable doubt, though most historians tend towards the view that there was a conspiracy. In this context the way Snow white was exposed and the conspirators convicted demonstrates that not only that there was a conspiracy but that it was a fairly obvious one.

In the case of the supposed IRS takeover of Scientology, there are various other explanations for Hubbard’s apparent ‘disappearance’ mostly that there were various agencies around the world who wanted him to stand trial for various offences, a good enough reason for anyone to vanish for a while.

A few months after the supposed disappearance once Hubbard had returned to the Apollo he had a fairly serious motorcycle accident, this alone is sufficient to explain any personality changes; near death experiences can have a profound effect on people in most
circumstances. And since Hubbard was treated aboard the Apollo after this accident and not by a qualified doctor, it would be impossible to exclude some kind of brain injury. Such an injury would not necessarily be apparent to anyone, apart from personality changes which the conspiracy theorists explain in other ways. This is apart from evidence from the Curch of Scientology which suggests that the volume and frequency of Hubbards lectures even on tape, had been steadily declining since about 1965.

Not that there is any particular evidence for any abrupt personality change. There is sufficient reporting of odd behaviour prior to this incident to see Hubbard as odd to begin with. Mostly from family members, such as his son, Ron DeWolfe (Who changed his name to his grandmothers maiden name to dissassociate himself from his father.

It seems clear to me that once he returned to the US Hubbard set out to whitewash his image and fight to channel as much money into his personal coffers as he could. One issue was that the IRS had revokedthe COS tax exempt status in 1967 and Hubbard wanted this reversed though no taxes had been paid by the COS and the IRS was in pursuit of
the money. One tactic was to litigate; Scientology brought 2,200 lawsuits against the IRS and IRS officials. (And given the expense of legal proceedins in the US this suggests the coffers were already quite full. Scientology also used private investigators to expose personal/professional secrets of IRS officials involved in the Scientology tax-exemption investigation, for the fairly self evident purpose of discrediting them.

Hubbard had since 1960 wanted Scientologists to infiltrate government departments, and this was pursued with particular vigour under the auspices of operation snow white. The details of which are fairly well known so I don’t propose to expand on this here in any detail. (If you don’t know and want to, Search for Scientology, and Snow White in
Wikipedia) The practical upshot of this was that even though various members of the Scientology hierarchy ended up in Jail, Hubbard managed to remain at large, and litigation against the IRS continued. I fully believe that someone in the IRS and I think I have a good idea who said, ‘enough is enough’.

The IRS after all defends itself from external litigation with American Tax payer’s dollars, and someone had to consider if continual legal conflict with the COS was good value
for money, whatever the niceties of the legal situation. Clearly there were rights and wrongs about Scientology’s actions that  were not addressed through the legal system. Personally I find it astounding that if an individual or an organisation has enough money
at its disposal that it can browbeat a critic or an opponent into submission simply by filing numerous legal actions against it. Especially if this can include government agencies. It seems to run contrary to the spirit of the law. And I wonder about the decision
making processes which determined that the cases filed had merit to proceed.


 In practice this resulted in an agreement where the IRS ceded payment of funds owed in return for the church of scientology putting in place the appropriate structures to ensure future compliance with the expectations of the IRS. It is these very structures that supporters of the IRS takeover theory use to support their claims.

The agreement which led to this was for some time secret until it was eventually obtained, probably by nefarious means and published on the internet. Although I am not an expert on American Tax law, there is very little in what is currently available which does not seem to be fully explained by the ‘enough is enough’ scenario outlined above.

What is interesting though is; the who?

When he thought there were failings in the Church of Scientology, Hubbard said the solution was something like ‘find the who?’

In this case I believe the ‘who’ was Assistant Commissioner of IRS Meade Emory.

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An entirely fictitious username I created for posting on 'alt.religion.scientology', Scientology is something of which I am highly critical. For those of you who don't know, the Church of Scientology have a habit of making life very uncomfortable for even the most legitimate of critics, which is why this username is completely anonymous. Anyway I have become quite fond of this username, and although it has to some extent outgrown it's original purpose, I think a blog is perhaps the right place for me/it to continue to grow and develop.
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