Scientology: What is it? an introduction.

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You may have noticed on this blog that I have a rather low opinion of Scientology and it’s founder L Ron Hubbard.  I’m writing this as an introduction to a series of posts I added to the alt.religion.scientology, Usenet group, which I felt I would like to post here too. On the whole they appear very much as they appeared on that group. I however am eternal tinkerer and will spell check things I might have missed, and clarify things, expand or contract sections where I think it helps.

Broadly speaking the theme of these posts is to tackle different points of view to answer the question: What is Scientology? No one of the answers I come to is on its own correct, but as a whole I think they describe my view of Scientology quite well.



About Transremaxculver

An entirely fictitious username I created for posting on 'alt.religion.scientology', Scientology is something of which I am highly critical. For those of you who don't know, the Church of Scientology have a habit of making life very uncomfortable for even the most legitimate of critics, which is why this username is completely anonymous. Anyway I have become quite fond of this username, and although it has to some extent outgrown it's original purpose, I think a blog is perhaps the right place for me/it to continue to grow and develop.
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