A Day at the office In the church of Scientology

A visitor walks into the church of Scientology and up to the receptionist. Saying  “good Morning”

The receptionist looks up and says, “What is your evidence that it is either morning or good?”

“Pardon” says the visitor.

The receptionist looks sternly at the visitor. “What is your evidence, that it is both morning and good? Both must be proved for your statement to stand as valid.”

“Er,” hesitates the visitor.

“You really need to be quicker than that.” Making a note .

“Well its nice weather, the sun is shining.” says the by now flustered visitor.

“Do you have independent evidence to support this?” asks the receptionist, making another entry on her writing pad

“Er, No” says the visitor.

“Have you any evidence that it is in fact morning?” Asks the receptionist looking over her glasses at the visitor, then remembering that Scientology has cured her short sightedness, takes them off and throws them in the waste bin, before squinting seriously at the

“Er the sun came up this morning.” answers the visitor.

Still Squinting the receptionist says, “I ask you again, do you have evidence to support this.”  dropping her pen.

“I did see it in the sky when I came out of my front door.”

“Can anyone corroborate what you say, you saw?” says the receptionist sternly from the floor, squinting madly trying to find her pen.

“Well anyone else who got up this morning I suppose. Says the visitor pausing before looking at the receptionist, saying, “I guess you got up this morning, perhaps you saw the sun in the sky too?”

“So you expect me to answer my question to you for you?” says the receptionist looking up at the visitor, before squinting at the object in her hands trying to decide if it is a pen or not.

“I just thought you might have seen it?” says the visitor meekly

“I’m sorry but ‘thinking’ isn’t allowed here. We are required to accept the teachings of L Ron Hubbard without question.” snaps the receptionist standing up and trying to make notes with the cable from her computer.

“Oh” says the visitor unsure of what is going to happen next.

“Now we have established that you have no evidence that is in fact morning, how is it that you have concluded its good?”

“Er I think I’ll give it a miss thanks” says the visitor and walks out leaving the receptionist trying to work out why her pen has become very long and bendy, and for some reason doesn’t have a point.


About Transremaxculver

An entirely fictitious username I created for posting on 'alt.religion.scientology', Scientology is something of which I am highly critical. For those of you who don't know, the Church of Scientology have a habit of making life very uncomfortable for even the most legitimate of critics, which is why this username is completely anonymous. Anyway I have become quite fond of this username, and although it has to some extent outgrown it's original purpose, I think a blog is perhaps the right place for me/it to continue to grow and develop.
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